Friday, July 18, 2008


Entering the world of blogging!

I have to admit it's kind of exciting entering the world of blogging!  To give a little update of our lives... Brent and I have had an extremely busy summer thus far.  It started out with me graduating from the University of Washington in June and shortly thereafter my in-laws left on their mission to Alaska.  It has been fun for me to get to know them better over the past couple of years while living only 40 minutes from them in Seattle.  We will miss them but I know they are needed Alaska and will be amazing mission presidents there!  I have been really busy with a teacher training course that I have been taking this summer.  I am training to be a Montessori teacher and I can't wait until the training is over.  Brent has been busy with work and is finally done with his project in Denver :).  Hopefully he won't have to travel for a while!  We are doing great and are looking forward to some vacations that we have planned in August!