Monday, December 14, 2009

What we've been up to over the last 9 months!

A lot has happened since the last time that I posted something on our blog. Thanks to my persistent friends (Becky and Cori :)) and my guilty conscience, I finally posted something before the baby came. The biggest thing that has happened in our lives since our last post is our journey being pregnant. Other big, life changing things that have happened are; Brent's decision to make a career change and quit his job and Deloitte and join a start up company, and our move from Seattle, WA to Bellevue, WA.

This first picture is of Brent in front of our first "real" Christmas tree. Staying true to the Dance Family tradition, the day after Thanksgiving we drove up to North Bend, Washington (with the Hallbergs) and cut down our own Christmas tree. We also sat on Santa's lap and got a Christmas cookie and apple cider. I do have to admit that I really like this tradition. We wanted to feel at home this Christmas seeing as it will be our first Christmas on our own. It was scheduled to be an Anderson Christmas in Utah this year but with the baby coming so soon we thought it would be best to stay in Washington.

39 weeks pregnant. Due any day!!!! Can't wait to see our baby boy!

At my baby shower in Utah. The weather happened to be amazing that weekend so we were fortunate enough to have it outside. It was so great to see family members, neighbors, and friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. 32 weeks prego- 8th month.

Brent and I took a trip to New Hampshire to visit Dartmouth's business school (Tuck) so Brent could do a personal interview with them. It is his favorite business school by far and would absolutely love to attend there. It was a beautiful time of year to visit New England. The leaves were the most vibrant I've ever seen. 30 weeks prego- 7th month.

28 weeks prego- 7th month

With Mason Jennings at his concert. It was really cool because we told him that "Ballad for My One True Love" was our wedding song and he said he would see what he could do to play it that night. We were on the front row and about 5 songs into the concert they played our song and I swear he looked at us and smiled :) 27 weeks prego- 7th month.

We love Seattle Sounders soccer games! 27 weeks prego- 6th month.

With Mom and Dad Dance in Portland, Oregon at a mission president conference. 26 weeks prego- 6th month.

Brent and I at a Seattle Sounders soccer game. 24 weeks prego- 6th month.

Another Sounders game. 21 weeks prego- 5th month!

Outside the Seattle temple at Jenna's wedding. 21 weeks prego- 5th month!

20 weeks pregnant- 5th month

19 weeks pregnant- 5th month!

18 weeks prego- 5th month!

Trip to Disneyland with the Anderson Family- about 18 weeks pregnant- 5th month!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catching up with family and old friends!

This August has been a great month for Brent and I.  We have had the opportunity to go on much needed vacations to San Diego and Utah.  In California we had the unique and wonderful opportunity to spend time with Brent's cousin and wife Graham and Rhandi and also some of Brent's closest college buddies Wade and Clint.  In Utah, I had the rare opportunity to go to lunch with some of my closest High School and college friends; Becky, Jay, Cristy, and Linds.  It was so much fun catching up on each other's lives.  My only regret is not taking a picture :(.  I also spent some good time with one of my best friends, Becky and her adorable little boy Tucker.  

We feel so blessed to have been surrounded with such great people over the years.  Our wonderful family and friends have been such great influences in our lives and we are grateful we had the chance to spend time with some of you this past month! :)  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anderson Reunion in San Diego

My favorite part of our reunion in San Diego was being together with my whole family, which doesn't happen very often.  It doesn't help that my brother Jeremy and his family live on the opposite side of the country in Delaware.  Every time I see my niece and nephews I can't believe how fast they grow.  There are actually a few missing from this picture.  Jeremy's youngest, Wyatt and Nicole's little baby Maci.  I also have a niece and a nephew on the way.   

Wonderful day at Disneyland!  Brent and I, my sister Lauri, two brother-in-laws Matt and Dean, and two nephews Nicholas and Noah all went to Disneyland together.  My favorite part of of our day at Disneyland was watching my nephews laugh and scream on the rides.  We couldn't get on Splash Mountain until the evening and went on it two times back to back.  We got so wet and didn't dry for the rest of the night!  It was great! 

Our Day at Sea World!

It was so hot at Sea World we all got a little dehydrated.  After living in Washington for a few years I wasn't used to the heat.  It felt great getting splashed by Shamu!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Entering the world of blogging!

I have to admit it's kind of exciting entering the world of blogging!  To give a little update of our lives... Brent and I have had an extremely busy summer thus far.  It started out with me graduating from the University of Washington in June and shortly thereafter my in-laws left on their mission to Alaska.  It has been fun for me to get to know them better over the past couple of years while living only 40 minutes from them in Seattle.  We will miss them but I know they are needed Alaska and will be amazing mission presidents there!  I have been really busy with a teacher training course that I have been taking this summer.  I am training to be a Montessori teacher and I can't wait until the training is over.  Brent has been busy with work and is finally done with his project in Denver :).  Hopefully he won't have to travel for a while!  We are doing great and are looking forward to some vacations that we have planned in August!